How to Have a Healthy Toothpaste for a Cleaner Mouth

Do you want to have a healthy clean mouth? Do you brush your teeth regularly? If so, do you use a commercial toothpaste with various ingredients that could be detrimental to your health? A lot of commercial toothpastes today contain a variety of substances that are not a healthy choice. (more…)
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How to Stop Stinking with a Highly-Effective Homemade Deodorant Made with Essential Oils

Every day it seems that some people are yet to either discover deodorant, or discover one that is right for them. They travel in public, go to work, school or socialise, and smell unpleasant with a heavy body odour that makes the more sensitive among us feel quite sickly. There are, of course, various causes of body odour, not just from a lack of using deodorant. Some peopl...
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