The How to Have Health website is all about helping people to get better health.

The authors of this site believe in the following:

  • Natural remedies are to be preferred over man-made treatments
  • True healing comes from God and via the things He created
  • Good health is the result of living in accordance with good health principles
  • Bad health is often the result of either living a bad lifestyle, or as a consequence of someone else doing something bad
  • Not all healthcare professionals are bad, but they cannot always help with health issues as they tend to treat the symptoms rather than the causes
  • Treating the cause of disease is going to bring good health more quickly than just treating symptoms
  • Addictive behaviours will often lead to serious health issues, and thus should be avoided
  • Smoking anything can cause serious health issues
  • Taking drugs is not the answer to your health problems, at least most of the time
  • We do not advocate taking any illegal drugs or substances
  • Many health issues are complex in nature and are difficult to heal based on one treatment
  • Some treatments will work for some people but not for others with the same condition, we are all individuals and have different needs
  • We believe in respecting others and their choices, but do not necessarily agree with those choices nor the opinions of people who believe differently

This website does not aim to provide health advice nor to offer any cure for any disease. All information here is for educational or entertainment purposes only. Please seek the advice of suitably qualified professionals if you need health advice.

This website is based in the United Kingdom.