Information about Vitamin B17 and its Effects on Cancer

Bitter Apricot Kernels

The answer to cancer has been known for some time. We are talking about something which was banned by the FDA years ago, i.e. vitamin B-17, also known as laetrile and amygdalin.

It is found in most fruit seeds, but especially in apricot seeds, also known as bitter apricot kernels. Note that we are not talking so much about sweet apricot kernels, just the bitter ones. www.howtohavehealth.comThe apricot seed was claimed as the cure for all cancers over 30 years ago. It was even more strongly claimed that when one eats about 3–7 apricot seeds per day they can never develop cancer, just as one can never get scurvy if they have an orange every day, or pellagra if they have some B vitamin food here and there.

Of course when a person’s body is completely eaten up by cancer, the apricot seed and its extract (laetrile and vitamin B17) would only prolong their life many times longer than chemotherapy and might not completely save them. The pharmaceuticals together with the medical establishment pushed the FDA into making it illegal to sell apricot seeds or vitamin B17.

Even to this day, you cannot get “raw” apricot seeds in your health food store, only the dried ones which have all the important enzymes killed off. The information that you’re about to read will guide you in how you can nearly guarantee a cancer-free life.

Most of the people who already have cancer clusters in their body, who eat the apricot seeds and/or take the vitamin B17, show near to complete tumour regression, although cancer patients who get rid of their cancer also have the problem of the organ damage that the cancer has caused. This is another issue where other herbs and remedies are necessary for proper organ regeneration.

The info at this site is not just for preventing cancer, it is for those that have cancer now and are on chemo at this moment, as well as for those that haven’t started any conventional methods and have cancer. Vitamin B-17 is found in a lot of fruit seeds to varying degrees. Its components make it vital for our survival without cancer. Seeds are for everyone to eat. Don’t wait and see if you develop cancer to start eating the seeds.

Genesis 1:29 in the Holy Bible tells us:

And God said, “See, I have given you every herb that yields seed which is on the face of all the earth, and every tree whose fruit yields seed; to you it shall be for food.” (NKJV)

And 1 Corinthians 1:27 tells us:

But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty. (NKJV)

Great Controversy

Vitamin B17 was the subject of great controversy some years ago when some of the world’s top scientists claimed that when consumed, the components of the seed make it 100% impossible to develop cancer and will kill existing cancer in most cases. The pharmaceutical companies pounced on this claim immediately and demanded that FDA studies be conducted.

Pharmaceutical companies conduct studies on patented chemicals they invent so that at the end of their study, if the drug gets approved, they have sole rights on its sale. (They make back lots more than the mere $200 million or so that they invested.)

They never do studies on foods that cannot be patented and that can be sold by any supermarket. Note: This is just a quick version of the facts found on this website and in the book “World Without Cancer” by G. Edward Griffin (available from Amazon at https://amzn.to/2q4Rm79).

The book “World Without Cancer” covers a lot of information on studies that were covered up and great scientists who were arrested when they began telling others about the truth of vitamin B17. It’s highly annotated for the serious student who wants to research the information for himself. Contains studies on amygdalin (vitamin B17, laetrile) that were conducted at the famous cancer institute, Sloan Kettering, and covered up. And there’s a full explanation of the politics of cancer from G. Edward Griffin. Go through the pages to hear it from educated scientists and doctors. To order the book:


Or go to https://amzn.to/2q4Rm79

Vitamin B17 is found in many fruit seeds such as apple, peach, cherry, orange, nectarine, and apricot, as well as in almonds. It is found in some beans and many kinds of grass such as wheatgrass. The hard wooden stone in the middle of the apricot or peach, for example, is not supposed to be thrown away. In fact, the wooden shell is actually a strong armour protecting one of the most important foods known to man, the seed.

It is one of the main courses of food in cultures such as the Navajo Indians, the Hunzakuts, the Abkhazians, and many more. Cultures such as these have never had a reported case of cancer.

There are companies that will provide vitamin B17 in tablet form as well as in the raw apricot seeds. We don’t need to make the seed a main course in our diets, but we do need the equivalent of about seven apricots seeds per day. This will nearly guarantee a cancer-free life.

Other foods that contain vitamin B17 are: bitter almonds, millet, lima beans and more (the bitter almond tree has been banned from the USA years ago).

Apricot seeds have the highest content of B17 on earth. They are chewable and bitter and much needed in our diet. They may be ground in a grinder, and then added to food. The seeds may be used in combination with the Laetrile Cancer Therapy. As a preventative, Dr. Krebs asserts that 7 to 10 apricot seeds per day will make it impossible to develop cancer in one’s lifetime. One or two B17 tablets (100 mg) is an acceptable supplemental dosage per day, if you can get the tablets.

If You Are on Chemotherapy

Stores do not sell apricot seeds because of the raids the FDA made on those stores with vitamin B17 and the apricot seeds years ago. If you have cancer, you must eat the apricot seeds along with some type of digestive/pancreatic enzyme. All else is additional. Even if you are taking the injectable form, you must eat some seeds every day, as little as it may be. If you are taking chemotherapy, it is all the more imperative that you take the B17/enzymes/agents alongside. In nearly all cases the tumours shrink.

Now one is faced with the confusion of staying on the chemotherapy or stopping the chemo, due to the unclearness of what shrunk the cancer. Those who continue on with the chemotherapy have a relatively poor outcome. We understand that once an individual is caught in the vacuum cycle of chemotherapy, radiation, and operations, it is very difficult to pull away from this higher authority (principalities, prestigious doctors, and hospitals) and say “No” to more chemotherapy.

Jason Vale, on retreat in Turkey (photo by SkippyUK on Wikimedia)
Jason Vale, on retreat in Turkey (photo by SkippyUK on Wikimedia)

There’s a man called Jason Vale who still had a small tumour in his kidney and would not let Dr. Nagler of Beth Israel Hospital remove his kidney despite his certified “scare” letters sent to his house over and over again. The Bible says with knowledge there is a long life. Hundreds of people make the wrong decisions because they were expecting their tumour to disappear (this is one of the things you have to know).

When it shrinks down that’s it, you can start rejoicing and continue on your natural regimen. But, do not stop eating the seeds. The tumour doesn’t disappear. Most doctors will still see a tumour and continue to give a person chemotherapy (until they’re dead) in attempts to make it disappear.

Malignant (cancerous) tumours are only a small percent cancer and when the cancer part starts dying off, the tumour only shrinks down by the percentage that the tumour was cancerous. In other words, if a kidney tumour is 10% cancerous, then the tumour will shrink down only 10% or so. On CAT scans, which one should never get (with 6 CAT scans there is over 60% more chance of developing Leukemia; having an MRI is safer as they use magnetic imaging and not radiation) a 10% shrinkage can be concluded as “NO CHANGE”.

In the past, scurvy, rickets, pellagra and Beri Beri were found to be the results of deficiencies in vitamins B & C. It took decades and killed millions before the kings and medical industry of the time accepted the simple vitamin solutions. Today, we are in a nearly identical situation concerning cancer.

Prevention Better than Cure

www.howtohavehealth.comWe strongly suggest that you start prevention now and do not wait for cancer to develop before you take action. There are many other things you can do to help the vitamin B17 to do its work. You must get off all the sugar and caffeine. Sugar feeds cancer. Caffeine is very bad for your liver and kidneys. Stay away from the enriched flour and drink a lot of good water, water that is as pure as possible, free from chemicals, fluoride, chlorine, heavy metals, etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get some bitter apricot kernels if you want to either treat cancer, or remain cancer-free. If you want to find them on Amazon, go to https://amzn.to/2q7iemY or for Amazon UK go to https://amzn.to/2Ip55fK — it appears that in the UK they are no longer referred to as “bitter”, probably because of a new law or something, so they are called “Hunza” instead.


Source: Tony Pantalleresco’s site at http://augmentinforce.50webs.com/b_17.htm — note that the information here has been edited for clarity and formatting.

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